Our research at the University of Waterloo shows that projects are now more strategically important, larger, more complex and more likely to involve people in more than one country than they ever have been before. Globalisation and technological change are challenging organisations to be more innovative and change more quickly. Sometimes described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, these changes require that organisations have more effective project managers and project management than most have today.

This website is intended to support the project management efforts of organisations and students at the University of Waterloo who are developing their own project management skills in my courses. If you would like to discuss the project management activities in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: pdcarr@uwaterloo.ca .

The courses and programmes that this website supports are:

The Project Leadership Programme: An online 13 week programme leading to the University’s Project Leadership Certificate and preparing participants for the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional Examination.

BE 605 Project Management: A blended (classroom and online) Masters level course offered by the Conrad Centre for Business Entrepreneurship and Technology .

PD5 Project Management: An online professional development course for University of Waterloo undergraduate students taken while on their co-op placements. The course is offered three terms per year with over 700 students participating in each offering from the Waterloo Professional Development Programme (WatPD).

MSci 651 Project Management: Offered online to students of the online Masters of Management Sciences (MMSc) by the Department of Management Sciences.


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