The Tridel Atria Condominium Project

Tridel is a major condominium builder in Toronto who have built over 80,000 condos in the past 80 years. The University of Waterloo have worked with Tridel in projects looking at the future impact of information technology on condominiums. This video introduces Tridel:


Filippo Bello is a Senior Project Manager with Tridel and is responsible for managing condominium developments with them. In an interview for the University of Waterloo he discusses his approach to managing projects and provides valuable advice for project managers. He describes his job: managing multiple construction projects from their initiation until they are handed over to the project clients.


Filippo describes one project that he is managing now – the Atria project, located at Sheppard and Victoria Park in Toronto. This is a large project comprising five buildings and Filippo describes it as “dynamic and high density”. The first stage is currently being completed and the second is starting shortly. He stresses that one of his main objectives is to achieve profitability for the project.

Filippo goes on to discuss a range of factors that he believes are important for the success of the Atria project. Budgeting and scheduling are emphasised and the need to estimate these accuracy in project planning. “Design efficiency”, ensuring that the building design can be efficiently constructed and is cost effective is important while at the same time ensuring that the needs of the community are catered for. Filippo says that his overall objective is to achieve a reasonable level of profitability for Tridel while also ensuring that the project makes a “positive community impact.”

Recognising that there is “always room for improvement”, Filippo provides an example of this from the Atria project. The project had a number of important stakeholders and their engagement may have been improved if this had commenced earlier. Also, with the benefit of hindsight, he believes that the timelines that were assessed for the project tasks might have been better.

Reflecting on the factors that he considers important in project success generally Filippo argues that project Budgeting and Scheduling are very significant in the projects that he manages. Effective communication is also paramount.

When asked what advice he has for new project managers he says that experience in the field in which the project is being undertaken is essential in order to manage a project well. He stresses that project managers need to have a degree of familiarity with the disciplines (trades, technology etc.) that feature in the project that they are managing.

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