Project Team Member Preparatory Course


Significant weaknesses exist in the performance of project teams and these weaknesses are a major factor in project failure. This course is intended to better prepare members of project teams for their work. Project managers require a wider range of skills and it is not intended that they take this course. This is a proposal for a one day online course for project team members. It is intended to create awareness of the project process (how projects are organised) and of the effective operation of project teams. It provides skills in effective team participation and addresses common areas of project team weakness. It is based on research on effective project team operation.

I am grateful to you for taking the time to review the proposal for this course and would also be grateful for your feedback on it. Please take a few minutes to provide this by responding to this short survey.

Delivery Format

This course will be delivered online over a one day period. Synchronous online sessions will be combined with individual and group learning activities which are conducted in online groups and individually. The course will be offered on one day per month. Activities in the course will be graded pass or fail – all activities must be passed and the final test passed with a grade of 60 % or better to receive a course pass and a certificate.

PTM Agenda

Peter Carr
May 2016

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