Project Management Stakeholder Simulation


At the University of Waterloo we have recently finished work on an online simulation that is intended to develop better understanding of the management of project stakeholders. The simulation is undertaken online and can be made available to organisations and individuals that wish to improve their capability in this area.

There are three versions of the simulation, making it suitable for a wide range of organisations. These scenarios are:

  • An Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation in an automotive components manufacturer in Waterloo.
  • A mid size office and retail construction project in Toronto.
  • The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – a large-scale, multi year construction project.

Simulation participants assume the role of the project leader and develop their strategy and tactics for stakeholder management. Each of the projects has five phases in which participants categorise stakeholders and determine the tactics that are appropriate for each stakeholder group, within a budget that they have determined at the start of the simulation. Feedback is provided on the decisions to improve future decision making.


The simulations are used in Graduate and Undergraduate courses as well as professional development programs at the University of Waterloo. The first simulation is on a automotive components manufacturer which you can try out. Please contact me if you would like to look at the simulation further, including the other two versions, with a view to using it in your organisation or as an individual. Email:


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